Enjoying the sun & sea of Virgin Island, Cebu, Philippines.


   WHO AM I   

Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreams of doing everything. I even have it written in a diary from Primary School 'Do Everything' in a list of things to do when I grew up along with some really cringey entries! I never wanted a normal life and I'm proud to say that I chose my life. If I've wanted to do something, I'll go out and do it. I believe certain things should come first in life, one of those things being dreams. You have to put yourself first and just do what makes YOU happy!! For me, my dream is to travel the world and for every year of life to be different.

Taken at Glen Affric in the Highlands of Scotland.

Favourite time of day! Sunset in Canguu, Bali, Indonesia.

Taken at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) in Bangkok, Thailand.

I grew up in Scotland, one of the most beautiful places on the planet and where I love to explore when I'm home. As a teenager, my plan had always been to do well at school and go on to University in Glasgow to study (anything really) I was never very sure what. All I wanted at the time was to get out of the small town I was living in and move on to the next chapter of my life. When I was 16 my brother booked a Round the World Ticket where he would visit places in Asia, America, Australia, and Fiji. I was in awe and would keep up to date with his online posts and photos religiously. It was the first time I realised that anyone could travel; you don't have to be super rich! It taught me that we can do just about anything we set our minds to. Hearing his amazing stories and after a dream holiday to Thailand with my boyfriend, Stuart to visit him, I was hooked on exploring the world. At 19 I had managed to save enough to leave home and travel comfortably around Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. My money also covered a 6 week TEFL course in Thailand where I taught English to Kindergarten students for a further 2 years. My travels since then has taken Stuart and I to the USA, Central America, Asia, Europe and Australia where I've ticked some impressive stuff from my bucket list. I've been travelling and living the life I want to for nearly 10 years now. If I can see the world so can you! Follow my journey and I'll show you how easy it is to travel, how to travel for less, fulfil your wildest dreams and see the beauty of the world we live in. There's no secret to travel, it's all about being out of your comfort zone, stimulating your mind and having fun! 


Taking in Vitamin Sea at Virgin Island, Cebu, Philippines.


In love with the sunsets of Western Australia! Taken in Lancelin. 



When I was growing up my parents taught me that it didn't matter what I did as long as it made me happy. Seeing the world; making other peoples dreams come true and being even a small part in planning someone else's adventure will do exactly that. You can use this guide as a base to start creating your ultimate trip. I will use my blog to share all the knowledge, tips and tricks I've learned along the way so you can have a life you don't need a break from. Never let anyone persuade you not to do something you love; people will say travelling is too dangerous; that you can't afford it or maybe you won't be able to handle it. I promise you these exact same people will be telling you how they  wish they had the confidence to do it when you see them again after an incredible time away! YOU can do anything. The mind is a powerful thing - if you focus and use your energy wisely then miracles can happen in life.

Chasing more sunsets at Monkey Mia, Western Australia. 

Life's a beach. Bali, Indonesia. 

echo earth effect was created to inspire you to visit and fall in love with the places you've always imagined seeing some day. This site will be the main platform I'll use to enlighten you on realising your own potential. I get messages from friends, relatives and just people I've met briefly, often asking advice on a trip they're trying to plan. I reply to every message with detailed suggestions and an approach on how they can get the most out of their trip. It makes me happy when I hear back the difference that one message did.  I'm coming to a time in my life where I want to help others  - let me teach you the life skills I've learned through travel! If I can help those people with a few messages - imagine how many people I can help with this site? In my experience, travelling heals the soul - I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life than promoting that! I also wanted to build a space to showcase my personal gallery of photographs from the trips I've been on as well as write about my adventures and share my travel tips! We are meant to be amazed by the planet we live on and I love capturing those moments. I use photography to highlight the true beauty of the world we live in. It's another passion of mine I want to share!

Fresh Coconuts in Palawan, Philippines. 

Hiking at Semuc Champey in Guatemala. 


I’m proud to say that every penny I’ve spent on travel I’ve earned on my own. Since I was 18 I’ve just been constantly saving from every pay cheque I receive. I've never wanted fancy things, an expensive car or designer stuff. I can remember one pay I got I decided to splurge and spend the lot – I bought loads of new clothes, expensive booze (instead of the cheap stuff that just gets you drunk) and anything else I could treat myself with. After that month was over I couldn’t help but feel annoyed at myself; it was such a waste! I couldn’t help but think about how far I could have got in Asia with the money I had just threw away. It’s all about avoiding unnecessary buys – think to yourself – do I really need this?  It’s not a sacrifice at all when it gives you the power to do something you love! Anything I could buy wouldn’t compare to the feeling of travelling – every day is different – there’s never that feeling of ‘need to escape’ because I’m already free. I feel like it's my calling – I love planning itineraries; soaking up a new culture; learning about the people and the historyeating the food – counting how many seas I’ve swam in or getting lost staring at the stars and moon wondering who else in the world is looking at them too. Nature, pretty sceneries and stunning views excite me along with doing something crazy from time to time!  

Looking for turtles at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Happiest in the water. Boracay, Philippines. 

On the edge! Pai Canyon, Thailand.

Shark Diving in Thailand for my 21st Birthday.

My Adventures include

  • Seeing wild elephants in the jungles of Borneo

  • Shipwreck diving in the Philippines

  • Releasing tiny baby turtles to the ocean after hatching in Malaysia

  • Skydiving in Las Vegas

  • Visiting the Taj Mahal in India

  • Eating and boozing at a hospital themed restaurant in Tokyo

  • Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

  • Chasing waterfalls in Indonesia

  • Shark diving in Thailand

  • Wandering around Mayan ruins in Mexico and Guatemala

  • Trekking through hill top villages and monasteries in Myanmar

  • Staying at an isolated Yoga and Meditation retreat in Thailand

  • Paragliding off a bloody massive mountain in Germany

  • Roadtrippin' through Vietnam along the Mekong Delta

  • Eating poop ice cream at a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan

  • Sky jumping 233m from the Macau Tower

  • Boarding down a Volcano in Nicaragua

  • Teaching my beautiful little students English in Thailand

  • Swimming with stingrays and nurse sharks in Belize

  • Jungle trekking and making life long friends in Northern Thailand

  • Walking on sunshine through Venice Beach in L.A

  • Spending days in paradise and the nights partying it up in Croatia

  • Seeing REAL LIFE Sumo Wrestlers and Geisha Girls in Japan

  • Completing the road-trip of a lifetime in Australia

  • Prosecco biking my way round Amsterdam

  • Scuba diving the Caribbean in Honduras

  • Downing steins of beer with huge pretzels in Munich

  • Trekking through the desert by camel in India

  • Falling in love with everything about Cambodia

  • Pub crawling in Czech Republic

  • Renting a huge private boat for $40 to tour Halong Bay in Vietnam

  • Spending the same price on a Singapore Sling at Raffles in Singapore

  • Flying through the air on Latin America's longest zipline in Costa Rica

  • Working at a Mine Site in rural Western Australia and then being stuck in the middle of the outback when our pick up broke down.....
    and the list goes on!!!

Before I went Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua.

Absolute Paradise in Tulum, Mexico. 



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