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The aim for echo earth effect is to help people. I wanted to make a website for anyone to go to for encouraging content, inspiration, helpful tips and posts written in a simple and easy way. I hope to show you that planning and setting off on your adventure isn't scary or impossible. 

Even after exploring my site you may still have questions, worries or queries about what your next step should be. I've realised in life how I can use my talent and experience of researching, planning,  organising and carrying out travel to help others. I can save you the task of it all ----- let me advise you, help with the details and plan your trip of a lifetime.


My goal is to help you get started and board the plane! Contact me today and I'll help you every step of the way. 




Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

Koh Rong, Cambodia



Organising, figuring out the essentials and setting up a trip is second nature to me! I've helped so many people, out of kindness, who have reached out for advice about their upcoming trip. I'll work out the details you may not of even thought of yet. I'll save you tons of time, give you the best advice from the heart and share all that I can!


I can save you so much money by planning your trip. I'll make sure you get the most from the budget you have and find the best possible deals on transport, accommodation and experiences. Why waste thousands on an escorted tour that severely overcharges when I can tell you how to do it on your own for a fraction of the price?

After discussing your thoughts, interests and goals ---- I can create you a one of kind, tailor made ultimate adventure that will include everything you've ever wished for. Every step of the journey can be covered, from Budget Planning, to Packing, to Solo Female Travel Advice, to getting back to Daily Life when or if you return home. Together we will make your dreams become reality!



Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

Utila, Honduras



I'll help you discover your true potential. Any problems or hold backs you may have about leaving for your dream trip, I can listen and talk about them with you. I will help you realise any stress can be released and your worries can be resolved. Usually the voice at the back of our head holding us back are the negative words of strangers, society or peers. 

Saving + Budget Plans

I'll get your saving plan on track ---- after chatting about your income and outgoings, I'll show you how to reach your Savings Goal. Together we will figure out a suitable budget for you to live by on your travels and which destinations would suit your budget plan.

Discuss your Plans + Goals

During your initial consultation, we can talk about what you want to get out of the service I'm offering. Where you would like to go, what you would like to see, where you've always imagined being, how long you would like to go for -- anything -- I'll get this detailed information from you to personalise your perfect trip. 

Lanquin, Guatemala

Caye Calker, Belize

Preparation Advice

I can list everything you need to do for your upcoming trip and help you prepare. This could be anything from Packing Guides to Visa Information you may need. Every detail will be ticked off so you can relax and enjoy your leaving celebrations without concerns. 

Advice on Booking Flights + Accommodation 

Without a doubt, I'll find the best flight prices for you with the most suitable routes. ​I can find a place for you to stay that matches your needs and budget --- from fun hostels to funky guesthouses to camper-vans. I'm very picky when it comes to accommodation, I'll make sure to find somewhere special, unique as well as affordable. 

Perfect Activities + Experiences

From getting to know your interests and concluding which destination(s) you're going to, I can get started on adding once in a lifetime, fun and different activities to your itinerary! I will research which companies and tour guides to go for to make your unforgettable trip extra special.

Detailed Itineraries

This can be from any time scale -- day to day itinerary from the moment you leave home to month by month which lets you to explore freely until you reach the next place on your list -- the choice is yours and possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact me for an example itinerary, I love making them. 


Any thing else you think you need help with ? Don't hesitate to contact me! I can't wait to start planning your adventure!

Contact Me Today to Get Started


Hey Everyone! I'm Emma from Scotland & this is my new Travel Blog to inspire YOU  through my experiences. I believe everyone should live their own dreams & love life to the fullest. I want to show how easy it is to travel & help you plan your ultimate trip step by step. Explore my personal guide to see how.

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