Being fortunate enough to earn money while travelling is a perfect way to experience a country in a way you normally wouldn't and increase the length of your trip! You are able to make friends with a variety of colleagues/people you may never have met or had the chance to speak to; learn a new language; earn days off that are spent in an exciting new country and live somewhere you have always dreamed of visiting. The jobs that are available can be hard work but are so worth it! You will learn a lot about yourself as well as making money!


Below are some opportunities that let you Work, Earn, Travel. 

Teaching English, Bangkok, Thailand

Teaching English to Kindergarten Students in Bangkok, Thailand

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a fantastic way to make money while seeing the world. It's highly available in over 50 countries and is favoured in places such as South-East Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


Being able to speak and write English fluently brings many new opportunities to local people. So, there is a constant push for English Teachers and need for Native Speakers either by working in a school; after-hour learning centre; private tutoring or online teaching.


I managed to find work as an English Teacher at a Kindergarten very easily in Thailand. The job itself is fun, rewarding and lets you live life as an expat in a beautiful new country. You can make and save decent money from teaching and schools/language centres include plenty of holidays in your contract. It's an experience like no other, it was the best time of my life! 



My school in Chonburi, Thailand

With my fellow English Teachers at my first school in Chonburi, Thailand

I would really recommend choosing which country you would like to teach English, then complete a TEFL course there first! TEFL courses are great because they build your confidence, scrub up your English grammar and show you how  to teach.

Completing the course in the country you would like to live and work in makes more sense because the TEFL company will educate you on the culture, taboos and education system of said country. They can also help you find a job at the end of it!


I completed a 6 week TEFL course through 'Text and Talk Academy' in Khon Kaen, Thailand and loved every second of it. Our teacher Steve advised the class to make glossy portfolios with lots of pictures of us individually teaching as our C.V's - it showed effort and professionalism and worked out very successfully!  


If you're 18-30 years old, you may be able to apply for a Working Holiday Visa where you will be granted to relocate to a country for up to 12-24 months. You will have the right to apply for almost any job and work to support your travels. 

The most popular destinations are Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. You are able to save money for future travelling; explore your temporary home endlessly and experience living in a foreign country. 

But the point of the visa is to fund a 'holiday' so there are usually some terms and conditions. Meaning you may only be able to work for one employer for 6 months and/or you will need to have evidence before entering the country of sufficient funds to support yourself and for a flight home. Check with each specific country first!


Working in the outback, Western Australia

Loadin' up the ute mate - in the hot sun, Western Australia

The best time to look for work is once you've arrived. Work is usually found through word of mouth, hostel message boards or online ads. Most people find work in tourism, hospitality, labouring, childcare, farming, and agriculture. 

While on my Working Holiday Visa in Western Australia, I worked at the living quarters of a Gold Mine Site deep in the outback. I hunted and found the job by phoning as many companies as I could find until someone gave me an interview. My duties included housekeeping and running the bar. I loved working in such a remote place and met a lot of different people from all walks of life. It paid really well and my savings were topped up once more. 

Western Australia

Working Out Bush


Finding a family and working as an Au Pair is a wonderful and rewarding job if you love spending time with children and want to experience a new culture.


Your responsibilities will include helping with childcare and light housework in exchange for a room, board and weekly pocket money. While living with your family, you will receive a couple days off per week to explore and of course be given your own private bedroom at the family home.


It's a great opportunity to learn a new language, save some cash and do something you truly love. Remember your family and kids come first before anything else while you're working there. Living with your employer may raise challenges at times but just make sure you study the guidelines of the job and be clear on all terms and conditions. 



   AU PAIR  

My school in Chonburi, Thailand

One of my babies I helped take care of & taught English to


If you're on the road and don't want to be tied down to one particular place, plus you hold some computer skills and carry a laptop, then finding freelance work could be your best option on making cash while you travel.


This means picking up work from different posts and ads online that involve using your tech skills, such as creative writing, web design, admin support and video editing, although, the range of services really are endless.


Sites like and are made for freelancers. Upwork is where you can browse posts from potential employers and apply for work that you meet the requirements for. The site lets you build an impressive portfolio that makes you more attractive to future employers and companies. Whereas, Fiverr lets you post your own ads showcasing your skills and stating what you can bring to the table. This can range from genius ideas to kind of ridiculous, but, money can be made all the same and you can work from anywhere in the world. 


Land a job on a cruise ship and travel the world for free!  The kind of jobs that are on offer range from chefs to nannies to card dealers to singers. You'll be taken to stunning destinations such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Asia, South America, Australia and Europe where you can experience for yourself, scenes of the world on your well-earned time off.


Your contract will include travel expenses, food, and accommodation, meaning you can live without rent, bills, mortgages and car finances and  have the chance to save money. I've heard from friends I've met on the road, being part of a crew on a cruise ship becomes a way of life and a lot of people spend years on the ships. All the different people you meet and the friendships that are made would be irreplaceable and an incredible flow of life could be created for yourself.  



Outback in Western Australia

Daily views during my time in the Western Australian Outback

There's a generous amount of money to be made in seasonal work and depending on how you work it, it can become an appealing way of life. Either work the summers and spend winter in a tropical country enjoying your hard earned cash or work the winter season and spend the summer chilling and backpacking around Europe or North America.


Head to tourist hotpots that you're legally allowed to work in and find temp work that will increase your saving funds fast. Seasonal work includes fruit-picking, farming, bar-tending, waiting tables, working in ski-resorts and more.


I've met people who have worked as a Chef for the summer in Ibiza then had 6 months unwinding in Thailand, or others who work as bartenders at summer getaways near New York, 7 days a week, then spend the rest of the year in Central America where the lifestyle is colourful but cheap.


Leave yourself plenty of time to arrive, settle in and find work before the season actually starts. There are plenty of jobs to be lapped up but they go fast. Don't arrive too late! 




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