Money is the biggest excuse I hear about and what holds people back from travelling and living their dreams. Yes, you definitely do need money to quit your job, leave home on a plane, explore new places, eat local food, sleep in exotic cities, but you need more money to STAY. Having the luxury to see the world is not as expensive as you might think and is worth so much more than the everyday spending traps in mainstream society.  Backpacking to me means no bills, no debt, no mortgage, no car finance, no phone contract, no demeaning jobs, no pointless possessions. Everything you need is on your back or in your hand. It really lets you be truly free








During a beautiful 3 day trek in Myanmar - All meals, accommodation and a truly perfect experience, were included. 

Total cost £25pp - Equivalent to getting your make up done for a night out

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar
Last stretch of the trek in Myanmar
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Touring Halong Bay,Vietnam by boat

Got to rent out this HUGE private boat with my boyfriend & brother for the whole day in Vietnam to tour Halong Bay. 

Total cost £30pp - Equivalent to a monthly payment on a smartphone

Hiking the Semuc Champey, Guatemala
Scenes from Semuc Champey Natural Park in Guatemala

The stunning Semuc Champey Natural Park in Guatemala. A guided tour can be offered here that includes exploring hidden caves by candlelight, tubing along the turquoise river, jumping from waterfalls, hiking in the jungle & swimming in blue lagoons.

Total cost £15pp - Equivalent to a new top


Karsa Spa, Ubud, Indonesia
Karsa Spa,Ubud, Indonesia
Karsa Spa,Ubud, Indonesia

The most relaxing & tranquil spa I have ever been to. Karsa Spa, Uubd, Indonesia. SEVEN hours of treatments including Full Body Massage, Reiki, Body Scrub & Mask, Rose Petal Bath, Foot Massage, Pedicure & Facial.

Total cost £55pp - Equivalent to Dinner & Cocktails


The reason why I'm comparing these spending choices is to show you if you can afford those things at home then you can afford these experiences! So many people ask me, how do you afford it? It's because the activities I've done while travelling cost less, I work while I wander, I'm sensible with my money and don't waste it on unnecessary buys.


Travelling will excite you, make you feel accomplished, give you goosebumps - even more so if you pay for it on your own. My travels and experiences have been funded 100% by me. I'm proud to say I've worked saved travelled, worked saved travelled, worked saved travelled since I was 18. Some of these jobs I've had to clean for 12 hour days on an oil rig; work in a very remote bar in the Australian Outback or teach English to kids in Thailand. Every job has been different, some paid well, others not so much, but they have all funded my passion in life all the same. I've LOVED some jobs and when I'm working, I work hard and give my all but I don't let a job control my life or invest my soul into a company. Value yourself, your dreams and put your bucket list first

Put in the effort, make conscious decisions and save some cash. Set a date you want to leave by and book a plane ticket. This will MAKE you get organised, plan your trip and save some more. Once you're on the road, use your money wisely to travel longer and further! It's honestly as easy as that, click on the headings below where I'll explain in more detail! 

Hey Everyone! I'm Emma from Scotland & this is my new Travel Blog to inspire YOU  through my experiences. I believe everyone should live their own dreams & love life to the fullest. I want to show how easy it is to travel & help you plan your ultimate trip step by step. Explore my personal guide to see how.

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