November 22, 2018


Once you really commit to it, saving money becomes a way of life.  Trust me when I say, after you are on that trip you have worked so hard to achieve, you will always from then on, value your money.


When you see how far your money is getting you or how cheap some experiences are, you will forever compare it to the extravagant buys you once splurged on at home. It's all about being aware and conscious of your outgoings.

Still think you can't afford to travel?


Don't make excuses if it's sacrificing your dream! Never say 'I can't do it'. You can, think positive, make a plan and don't give up! It will be hard but If I can do it, so can you.

Follow the tips below to make Saving Money easier. 









  • Sit down and write a goal of how much you want to save. Write this amount on post-its and stick it everywhere so you will see it often. This will keep it close to you, alive in your mind and attract your target to you. That's the easy bit.

  • Work out how much money from each pay cheque you want to save and transfer it to a separate Savings Account as soon as you get paid. Then, it's up to you to survive on your remaining pay. Dip into it a little if you wish but make sure you replace it the following month (meaning you will be left with less to live on after next pay)

  • Once you've saved enough for your flight and some extra, choose the date you want to leave and BOOK IT. I've heard so many times before from people, I'm leaving this date or that date but haven't actually booked it, meaning 9 times out of 10 they postpone it or don't go. If you already have your ticket, it will MAKE you get organised, save the rest of your funds and board the plane. I'd give yourself another 6 months - 1 year from when you booked your flight to your actual travel date, leaving you enough time to reach your saving target




Make a list of all your Direct Debits and Monthly Bills then write how you can get rid of some or cut them down:

  • Car finances are a huge debt and restraint on people trying to save. Get rid and sell your car or buy a cheap run around. Start cycling, walking, using public transport or car sharing with a work colleague. Try and test a few methods to see what works best for you and find out what is healthier for your bank balance.

  • Either pay off your phone contract or downgrade your current phone. I do believe having a Smartphone nowadays is helpful while travelling because there are such brilliant apps to guide you on your journey. However, you don't need the newest model! My iPhone was bought from someone on Gumtree by a one-off payment.









    When a new phone comes on the market, this is a good time to hunt for a new phone that's a grade or two below, they're always much cheaper than before. 

  • Find a way to cut back on rent and household bills. Of course, living with your family saves you money and is the cheapest option but it's not possible for everyone. Try getting a friend to house share with you and split the costs or rent out a room in your house/apartment using Airbnb.





By this, I mean enjoying and appreciating the nature that surrounds us and using it as a pastime. Instead of going to the cinema, partying, going for lunch, getting your nails done, start exploring outside

Walking, cycling, hiking or swimming is not only very healthy but free or costs very little. Spend time at the beach; walk in the woods; pack a rucksack and go hiking; have a picnic in the park; read a book in the garden; meditate in the forest or do some artwork outside. It's amazing what spending time in Nature does, not only to our bodies but to our minds. It will make you feel more motivated, alert and focused -- perfect for planning and preparing your dream trip!