December 17, 2018


There's no better way to get excited for a trip that's either -- still floating in your mind or -- has already been booked than by looking for some beautiful travel inspiration


Surrounding myself with notes, lists, cut out's, articles, photos and books on travel keeps my dreams alive in my mind. I believe by completely focusing on what you want  ---- creates it within your life and makes it happen. 


Day to day life can be distracting so I want to make sure I'm always reminded why planet earth excites me so much.


So if you've let your mind drift off and want to regain focus on your passion -- or you just need some inspiration to kick start your adventure then this is the post for you.






Sit down and write out your travel goals. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see and do during this life?  Don't worry and stress about how  you're going to achieve it just write down YOUR bucket list. It's amazing how seeing your own thoughts / desires written down in your own handwriting can affect your mind. 


I like to set travel goals that have to be reached by a certain birthday -- like 'I want to see the Taj Mahal by the time I'm 24' or 'I'm going to complete a road trip across North America at 27'. It's something I've always done and then worked towards. 





What better way to enlighten your wanderlust than by reading about epic travel tales, wild adventures and wandering souls. Getting lost in a travel book can take us to far away lands and inspires us to reach that step further in our own lives.  


Travel Books I love: 



Instead of heading to the same places and doing the same things in your home town -- try finding out what sites, landmarks and experiences attract tourists to where you're from. 


Learn about the history, catch an audio guided tour and appreciate home from a different perspective. It never hurt to learn something new and you could discover a passion for something you never knew you had. 


In Scotland (where I'm from) I started hiking, finding waterfalls, exploring lochs and glens in order to save money for travel. But I ended up falling in love with my home country. I then started visiting museums and ancient castles and soon realised I really enjoyed learning about Scottish history. 






Dive into travel videos on YouTubeThis could be either a fellow travellers collection of GoPro clips, travel vlogs or even independent foreign films. Actually seeing a paradise you've always dreamt of in videos and photographs does something different inside of us than just reading about it can.  


by Erik Conover







Discover a new culture by learning to communicate in their language. Sign up for a course, buy a translation book or watch videos to get started. 

Speaking or at least trying to speak in a foreign language can get you further than you think in those countries. Locals are flattered, appreciate the effort and are willing you to go that extra mile for you. 

Regardless if you're learning a new language or not, you should always be familiar with some polite phrases when visiting somewhere new. Learning how to say Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank you is easy to do before your trip and is respectful.