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The papers the papers! You may see time and time again on travel packing lists -- remember to print off and pack your 'documents' before your flight. I wanted to write a short post on exactly what documents to remember to take on your travels!

It's so much handier to have these prepared and tucked away in your rucksack (in some sort of folder) before you leave. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to find out the following information while you're away or trying to retrieve it from home.

Be a little organised and it will go a long way.

  • RESUME + QUALIFICATIONS If you're planning on or thinking about working while you're away on your trip then it's a good idea to print off a few copies of your resume. You should also take any qualifications to support it! Especially when applying for certain work visas, you may need to show evidence of a degree or diploma.

  • PASSPORT COPIES Photocopy a few copies of your passport for your trip -- you may be surprised how many companies and officials will require it. When renting a motorbike, I'm usually asked if they can keep my passport as insurance. I always prefer having a copy of it handy to offer them instead.

  • PASSPORT PHOTOS Some border crossings require a passport photo when issuing a visa on arrival. They sometimes have someone to take your photo there if you don't have any but to save time and money I like to have my own. Having your own passport photos are also handy when applying for Visas out of your home country! (It sped up the process for me when I needed to apply for a Tourist Visa for Myanmar while I was in Thailand)

  • VISA INFORMATION Helpful to bring when travelling to more than 1 country because there is a lot of information to remember! You may forget certain documents you need to take with you when trying to enter a certain country so useful to have the information on entry requirements prepared before your departure.

  • INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT (IDP)​ This small document has saved me so much hassle and money when renting vehicles abroad! In the UK, IDP's can be acquired from the Post Office and only cost £5. A small price to pay compared to how handy they are! (You must already hold a Driving License to get one)

  • VACCINATION DIARY When you receive your travel vaccination from a doctor / clinic -- ask for this little booklet to hold all of your vaccine history. (They should fill it out for you) Useful to keep with you to remember what you've actually been vaccinated for and to show medical staff in an emergency (touch wood)

  • Accommodation Booking Voucher Don't just leave it on your phone (risk of breakage/flat battery) make sure to print it off. It will include any helpful phone numbers in case your hotel/hostel is hard to find as well as your booking reference.

  • FLIGHT TICKET​ When I was in India, I couldn't enter the airport until I had shown my flight ticket -- so don't risk leaving this important document on your phone. Print it out!

  • ITINERARY​ On a printed map of where I'm heading first, I like to have a route drawn out to show which places I'm heading to in order (this usually always changes) but I like to be prepared! On the back I write instructions on how to get from the airport to my hotel/hostel/Airbnb. Remember to have this researched before you go -- especially when travelling alone. It will save you time, money and stress. Also included in the itinerary should be any dates of tours/activities you may have booked in advance.

  • INSURANCE DETAILS Who's covering you? You should know the name of the company as well as the policies you paid for and how to reach them.

  • NAMES + ADDRESSES OF LOVED ONES If you would like to send postcards to your family and hand written letters to your nearest and dearest then make sure to write down their addresses and postcodes. Not quite the same effect messaging someone on Facebook once you're away for their postcode and then having to confess you're planning on communicating through handwritten letters.

  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS Your list should include your personal emergency contact(s) details (friends/relatives), your insurance claims number and your bank's contact number for overseas.

  • REMEMBER To have this information saved onto your Hard Drive/USB Memory Stick and send copies (especially CV + Qualifications) to your Email!

I hope this was helpful when preparing for your trip! Just a simple post you could save and use while packing!

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