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Deciding and booking onto the right flight can be daunting.

But with flights being cheaper than ever, you will be sure to find a bargain.

I have every faith you will be able to find the cheapest flights for your adventure on your own after reading this page. Let me help you find the best flights and build your confidence on knowing you're booking the right flight for you.​

Lets look further at finding cheap airfare. Below I've listed how to save money on flights and helpful advice you can carry out easily on your own!

Round the World Flights

A Round the World Ticket (RTW) is a package of long haul / international flights to different destinations pre-booked before your trip. You will be flying with the same airline including any of their partner airlines. Many different routes can be priced and you can choose as many stops as you would like with a RTW flight builder site (The last stop must be back to the country you started in) An example: LONDON - BANGKOK - KUALA LUMPUR - BALI - SINGAPORE - AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND - LONDON It costs less than booking each flight individually and everywhere is already booked and paid for before your flight - you know where you're going and when! Head to http://www.roundtheworldflights.com/ to get started. The downside? Your RTW ticket must be completed within a year. Of course there's nothing stopping you missing your flight home and staying at the last destination longer and booking a return flight later! Also, everything is planned. It's best to travel without a plan.

Split Flights

By this I don't mean splitting the cost with someone else! Split the flight up by stopping overnight at your connection, a longer connection could mean a cheaper ticket. Flying direct is more convenient but much more expensive. Tickets can be cheaper if there is more than one stop over.

Split Tickets

By this I mean search for tickets going to your desired destination but from the cheapest city --- then make your own way to said city through a budget airline (or other means of transport) Your route could consist of multiple tickets booked with different airlines but if planned correctly, it can be carried out successfully at a very effective cost! This is perfectly easy to search for through Skyscanner by typing in the country's name you will be flying from. The site will list how much it will cost to fly from each city within your chosen country to your desired destination. Then -- in a different search, look up the cheapest way to get to the city it's cheapest to fly from. It lets you search prices from various cities in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia or New Zealand, to name a few!

Collect Reward Points & Air Miles

Once you start travelling and seeing the world --- chances are you will become addicted (like me) and never stop! Which means you're going to be taking a lot of flights and staying in a lot of hotels. So you should really prepare yourself now and begin collecting points and miles from the first chance you get. It means at some point along your journey, you could have accumulated enough for free flights and hotel rooms! Air miles can be collected by signing up for credit cards that lets you earn miles while you spend. Also earn by signing up for the frequent flyer miles programs offered by different airlines. Sign up to multiple airlines to take advantage of this bonus. Create accounts with hotel chains and hotel comparison sites to collect points every time you use them. During my first backpacking trip, I only ever used Agoda to book accommodation. I had earned so much points with them that the cost of accommodation during my following trip to India could have been completely paid for. However, I didn't realise I had to use the points by a certain date and lost them all! Don't make the same mistake I did. While collecting both hotel points and air miles --- read the small print!

Be Flexible with Dates and Times.

While searching for flights, you must explore all options. Check out the same flight but days, weeks and months before or after the original date in your mind. See for yourself how the price differs. On Skyscanner, there is an option to look up a flight price by the month. It will create an average price for every month and show you simultaneously so you can compare and really see the difference. Every country has a high season where the flights are increased so dramatically. Try checking for flights during their shoulder or low season to save £££'s. If your trip has to take place during high season, booking in advance makes a huge difference. You shouldn't wait to book these particular long haul flights completely last minute, usually around 2 months prior is a good cut off point. Plus flying at weekends is going to cost you more than flying during the week. You may notice while searching, especially with budget airlines, flying early in the morning or really late at night is a lot cheaper than flying during other times of the day. This is because these are the flights hardest to fill as people don't want to travel at inconvenient times. Save money by getting up early and catching that first flight! If you're about to set off backpacking -- chances are you have time to play with and won't have planned your trip to an inch of it's life. This means you can be very flexible with dates!

Check Flights to Neighbouring Countries / Cities

While we're being flexible with times and dates ---- being flexible with the destination helps too! If the destination you're heading to is looking expensive then check out flights to countries or cities nearby and make your own way there! For example, flights to Thailand could be cheaper than flights to Cambodia. Or flying to Mexico could be cheaper than flying to Belize --- depending on where you're flying from! Be creative with your searches and cut down the price by thinking ahead. Make your own way to your desired location in your own time by flying budget or entering through the border.

Use Flight Comparison Sites

You will find the cheapest deals fast by comparing flights with the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak. These sites are designed for you to save money, so there is no better place to start your search. With functions such as fly 'Everywhere' carried out easily on the site, the choices are endless.

Check Flight Prices Mid Week

I tend to research flight deals over the period of a week or two before making my final booking on a long haul flight. Be sure to be flexible with different dates, times and destinations on each of your searches throughout this time! Instead of searching on the weekend, make sure to look up prices midweek (Tuesdays, Wednesdays) because from my experience, these days produce the cheapest flight deals.

Follow Budget Airline Deals

While on the road, flying budget is sometimes the cheapest way to get around. Sign up to be notified by airlines like Air Asia, Scoot, Jetstar, Easyjet and Ryanair. These are all top budget airlines that offer cheap short and long haul flights. Follow them and catch a bargain! They advertise shockingly cheap deals throughout the year. (if you book and fly by a certain date) Remember to read the guidelines on luggage allowance and checking in. These are the parts that will sting you if a mistake has been made.

Fly with Hand Luggage Only

Flying budget usually means paying extra to add on a checked bag. If the original found price of the ticket is too good to miss, then think about travelling with only hand luggage. While I was backpacking Asia, a flight to Japan and then another to visit the Philippines, were going to cost excessively more if I included baggage. Both times I was returning to Bangkok (where I was flying from) Instead of paying to check my bag in, I kept it in storage for 10baht a day (24p) in Bangkok near Khao San Road and only took hand luggage. It worked out much cheaper for me!

Join Airline Memberships

Being a member of an airline means you could earn air miles, enjoy upgrades, be sent deals and get access to airport lounges. When I find a cheap flight on a comparison site, I head to the airlines website to check the flight price on there too. If the price is the same or similar I will book it through the actual site of the airline rather than a travel site. This way I can sign up or use an existing membership to collect rewards.

Package Holidays / All inclusive Hotels have Cheap Flights included

While backpacking, I price everything separate because 9 times out of 10 it's cheaper. If you're heading on holiday or a weekend away then sometimes the cheaper option is to book it as an all inclusive package. Head to https://www.holidaypirates.com/ to check out the cheapest deals!


  • Pay for Flights by Credit Card Not only will you earn points by using a credit card but you will also protect your purchase. Credit Card companies will recover the cost of what you paid for a ticket if the airline goes bust.

  • Search for Airport Lounges When you're at the airport, use the travel app LoungeBuddy to search for lounge access available to you at a small fee. Pay for it through the app, turn up and enjoy during your time at the airport. This is such a good idea if you have a long connection!

  • Check if you need Onward Travel Before booking a one way ticket, you need to check if the country you are heading to asks for proof of onward travel. Basically they want evidence you're leaving the country when you say you are (this doesn't mean a flight home). Have a return or onward travel ticket booked before you turn up at the airport or you could be refused entry of the flight. If you don't know where you're heading to next, just book the cheapest flight out of the country you can find and then decide where to go and how to get there during your stay.

I hope you can save money on your next booking using these tips!


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