October 6, 2018



When you have travel plans, one of the most important things to tick off the list is accommodation --- Where are you going to sleep?


This is an important question to ask for obvious reasons but also because where you choose to stay will take a chunk from your daily budget ---- the less you pay for a bed, the more money you have for the rest of the day. This is why finding cheap accommodation is a must for backpacking. Staying in expensive hotels will only absorb your savings. 

But don't worry! Cheap accommodation doesn't mean unsafeunwelcoming or dirty ---- there are tons  of budget rooms available around the world, meaning they have competition to be the best! You will be surprised how beautiful, clean and comfortable affordable accommodation can be. It's shocking how much you can get for your money in parts of the world and how many options of budget accommodation there are. 


Lets look at the different options you have while backpacking. 






Tropical Oasis Hostel, Caye Calker, Belize



Hostels should play a large part of your long term travel plan. This is one of the cheapest ways to sleep and travel around the world. Everyone should experience hostel life at least once!




Depending on where you are in the world, a bed in a dorm can range from £1 per night per person to £40 or more but will still be one of the more affordable options in that city. They range from extremely basic (& dire) to bloody beautiful to high-end and modern. They are built  for backpackers so they will help you by making your new journey in a new city that  bit easier.


So let's break it down a bit. 


Hostels mostly consist of Dorm Rooms which are filled with a number of bunk beds or single beds. Dorms are separated by how many beds there are in each of them and the price for a bed decreases the more beds there are in the room. So a bed in a 16-bed dorm will be cheaper than a bed in a 4-bed dorm.

There is usually an option of staying in a Mixed Dorm or Female Only/Male Only Dorm and some hostels even have Private Rooms with Private Bathrooms available. So don't worry, with the amount of competition there is now, there will always be somewhere that's right for you!

Remember  you're always priced per person for a dorm bed --- perfect for solo travellers but as a group or a couple you might be cheaper splitting the costs of a private room so always compare. 


Casa De Grether Hostel, Flores, Guatemala




Hostels really do have lots of helpful facilities that are made for backpackers and solo travellers --- other types of accommodation just don't have the same social settings and activities. Of course what each hostel has available differs from place to place but you should find most of the following during your trip. 



These are usually always fun, comfortable and social. It could be in the form of a large living area with hammocks, bean bags or sofas; a bar (with special deals and sometimes ladies nights) a small library, a rooftop chill out area or even a swimming pool. A common area could include, T'V's, computers, books, board games or even play-stations. 



An essential for long term travel! Some places in the world charge pennies to buy already made fresh street food but others it's a lot cheaper to cook for yourself. Hostel kitchens should come with cooking utensils, plates and cutlery but you must buy the food yourself and label everything that's yours! There is sometimes a 'Free Food' drawer or cupboard that you will find food and snacks travellers have left behind that anyone can use. Kitchens are always a great place to start chatting to people!


Most of the time the person working behind the desk is friendly, helpful, young and sometimes even a backpacker themselves. Hostels offer a lot of information about the city/country you're staying in and know all the cheapest pla