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March 18, 2019


If you are trying to keep to a plan and accomplish something in life, it can be really easy to get distracted or even overwhelmed by all of the thoughts circulating in your head or tasks waiting to get done. 

I find the following really helps me day to day to stay motivated and focused on what I'm trying to achieve. I practice these techniques all of the time or almost daily, when I'm trying to reach my goals in life, write for my website, make a plan of action for an upcoming trip or while I'm on the road travelling. 


If you use my suggested methods, I can assure you will get things done, feel motivated while doing so and be able to look at your plan in a more positive note rather than a burden or chore. 




I make lists everyday for everything. Every little thing I need to get done that day or week or month, I write a list for and it really helps. It helps by getting everything out of your head and onto a piece of paper leaving your mind clear and settled. Seeing your tasks ticked off one by one reminds you, you are being productive even if you feel as though you aren't. Seeing something written in your own handwriting has a powerful effect on your mind. It pushes you to complete the list and therefore lets you feel you have achieved what you set out to do and have resolved it. Then, you can scrap it and start one fresh with new tasks and goals. 




I can't live without a big, chunky yearly planner. It fits in everything I need to write down from goals, to lists, to plans of action to what I've done that day and what I've achieved in a overall structured way. I have a space to write at the end of each month what my favourite things I did was and what I learned along the way. I love that I can look back on my year at the end of it, in my own handwriting and remember all of the things I ticked off and memories I made. Trust me it really helps plus it's a good way to fit in the following.  




Your main goal of life or the year should be linked to your ultimate passion. You have to envision a dream inside your head of what you want to do or how you want your life to be. This leading goal should be written down in a form of a letter to yourself. You should write down what it is you dream of and why it means so much to you and a date you will achieve it. This is a method of Law of Attraction - you are attracting your dream to you. 

Then throughout the year you must make smaller goals or targets that need to be reached each day, week and month. Each of the aims you set for yourself will become like a staircase, broken down, leading to what you ultimately want to accomplish. Remember, everything should be written in your own handwriting as you will be more connected to it rather than if it was typed. Included in your monthly goals should be things you want to do that you will enjoy and bring you happiness because you must reward yourself as you reach your what you set out to do. These monthly aims may not all seem as if they are linked to your ultimate passion but you will see eventually they are  because in order to stick to any plan, you must fit in experiences that will make you happy and honour yourself for your achievements. 



For example, my ultimate passion is to reach out and help others with my site and help people plan their dream trip and realise they have the power to do anything or go anywhere they want. So included in my monthly goals would be the answers to how am I going to achieve this? What do I want to work on that month that will get my site out there and for people to read it? Then my weekly goals would be how much I think I need to post that week, it could be one or two blog posts and a destination guide. Then my daily goals would be planning, writing and completing the things I want to write about. For my monthly rewards, this could be, trying something new for the first time or scuba-diving or reading a new book, trying a new restaurant or bar or visiting a new destination or country. These are things I enjoy to do and love but also this gives me content for my site so therefore helps others in the long run.  




This is something you can fit alongside your daily schedule and what I find really helpful if I'm losing focus on what I'm trying to achieve. It really helped me while I was looking for a job in Australia. It puts what you should fit into your day in perspective, focuses your mind and simplifies things in a way you may not realise at first but by doing this exercise religiously everyday will slowly change how your mind works and looks at things. 

It's an exercise that can be carried out and seen in different ways but I like to do it as the following. It's a series of four different goals you should write down (the night before) that you want to complete the following day but they must fit into the same category. At least one of these goals should be linked to your ultimate dream or passion. The rest of them will keep you motivated and your mind fixated. At the end of each day, you should read through them again and tick off what you have done that day and the targets you have reached. 


This goal should comply with your business or career and help create where you want to be and what you want to do with your life. 


This goal should help to bring balance and calmness to your life. This may be fitting in daily meditation or writing in a diary or reading a book.


This goal should be an activity or action that will make you happy and you are doing for yourself. Something fun and enjoyable for YOU.


4. BODY:
This goal should be focused on your health. Fitting in yoga, walking, swimming or the gym each day will help your mind more than you realise (it doesn't have to be an huge ordeal, it could be as little as walking to the shop or taking the stairs instead for a change).


These goals don't have to be huge. Remember, you have to write a new one for everyday so for 'Business' it could be, make a few phone calls (that you normally wouldn't make) that may actually get you where you want to be in your career.