These are the upcoming places I would love to explore and write about soon. It's important to physically write down what you want in life as well as imagining it. If you have a date in mind that you would like to achieve something or visit somewhere by then my advice to you would be to write a letter to yourself first. Say where you want to see yourself by that particular date and put the letter somewhere you can read it often. This is putting your desire out to the Universe. Along with keeping notes on the subject, write daily lists of things you need to do in order for you to be closer to your goal.

Once you start checking them off one by one, you will realise how much you can achieve by using your energy in this way. You can do anything you set your mind to.


Keep at it, stay focused, confident, positive --- and your dreams will become reality.







        FAVOURITE POSTS       

June 18, 2020

Along with packing, this is my favourite part of getting ready for my trips - planning and organising! You need to plan your trip by a certain standard to be prepared, save yourself money, feel confident and ready to take off but my advice would be to actually book as little as possible!

The best way to travel is by going with the flow and plans can change so quickly on the road. Say you meet a group of friends in a hostel and...

April 28, 2019

This is my favourite post to write because I love preparing and packing for a trip. Being organised and ticking off lists makes me happy and content! So here it is ----- my detailed Ultimate Travel Packing Guide. 

Your first thought may be when thinking of packing,'Where Do I Start?!'

It can cause a lot of worry thinking of all the things you may need or the thought of forgetting anything. Packing for a long term trip is i...

March 18, 2019

If you are trying to keep to a plan and accomplish something in life, it can be really easy to get distracted or even overwhelmed by all of the thoughts circulating in your head or tasks waiting to get done. 

I find the following really helps me day to day to stay motivated and focused on what I'm trying to achieve. I practice these techniques all of the time or almost daily, when I'm trying to reach my goals in life, wr...

December 17, 2018

There's no better way to get excited for a trip that's either -- still floating in your mind or -- has already been booked than by looking for some beautiful travel inspiration

Surrounding myself with notes, lists, cut out's, articles, photos and books on travel keeps my dreams alive in my mind. I believe by completely focusing on what you want  ---- creates it within your life and makes it happen. 

Day to day l...

November 26, 2018

Saving money and setting off on your adventure is a huge accomplishment. You've worked hard, been conscious with your outgoings and stuck to your plan. Don't let this all go out the window by wasting your hard earned cash. Your travels will go much further if you learn how to use your savings wisely.

To keep your travel costs down while on the road and to get the most time and experience out of your trip --- learn to...

November 23, 2018

The aim for echo earth effect is to help people. I wanted to make a website for anyone to go to for encouraging content, inspiration, helpful tips and posts written in a simple and easy way. I hope to show you that planning and setting off on your adventure isn't scary or impossible. 

Even after exploring my site you may still have questions, worries or queries about what your next step should be. I've realised i...

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Hey Everyone! I'm Emma from Scotland & this is my new Travel Blog to inspire YOU  through my experiences. I believe everyone should live their own dreams & love life to the fullest. I want to show how easy it is to travel & help you plan your ultimate trip step by step. Explore my personal guide to see how.

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